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Truck Accessory Software 

Each module of our software suite for truck accessory businesses is $399 per license. The minimum purchase necessary for new customers is one license of either Cap Tracker or Accessory Pack plus at least one license of POS Integrator. For network use, we license our software on a concurrent usage licensing model. By only requiring you to purchase as many licenses per module as you need to use at the same time, you can realize significant cost savings over per computer licenses. For example, let's say you own seven computers with three on the front counter, two in the warehouse and two more in business offices. If you only intend to use the sales module at the front counter, you only need three licenses for POS Integrator. If one warehouse computer is used for receiving and one manager needs access to reports, you would need two each of Accessory Pack and Cap Tracker (unless you don't sell truck caps). If your receiving person and manager take turns, you could get away with sharing one license of Accessory Pack between them.

Order Accessory Pack
Order Cap Tracker
Order Accessory Pack

Orders will be shipped within 3 business days from receipt of order. We'll email you a confirmation of the transaction within 1 business day. New customers receive 60 days of contract support with the purchase of their software licenses.

Annual Contract Support 

Our annual support contract is available for a flat rate per customer location. For the single, low price of $399, your office receives a full year of telephone support for questions relating to Cap Tracker, Accessory Pack, and POS Integrator. In addition, we also offer all upgrades released during the support period automatically at no addititional charge. Support covers questions about software functionality and software generated error messages. Our annual support does not include onsite assistance, hardware or network support.

Annual Contract Support: $399 per store. We do not accept PayPal for support payments.

Per Incident Support 

If your Annual Contract Support has expired, we offer per incident pricing. Per incident support is intended to provide a single solution to a problem not covered under Annual Contract Support. The fee is charged for the assistance rather than the solution. Some support incidents may result in a work around or a recommendation rather than a complete solution. If the problem is determined by TOPPSoft to have resulted from a program bug in any of the TOPPSoft modules, the fee will be refunded in full.

Per Incident Support: $89 per incident. We do not accept PayPal for per incident support.

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