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Getting the Most from Your Computer

1. If itís slow, get a tune-up. Most programs leave clutter behind even if you uninstall them. Plus they are continually adding stuff to your hard disk that does nothing but clutter up Windows and make it drag. If your computer feels slower than when it was new, a PC tune-up can get it back to where you were when it came out of the box.
Typical cost: $90 per PC.

2. If itís still slow, upgrade it. Letís face it, your newest game and/or word processing program needs room to breathe. Newer versions of software expect to have the resources of a new computer. A cheap memory upgrade might be enough to eliminate that bottleneck. Older PCs can be upgraded to the latest technology without disrupting your desktop, programs, or data.
Typical cost: $80 to $450 per PC.

3. Get a faster Internet Connection. How long does it take your email to download? How much time are you spending online every day on business tasks? A faster connection to the Internet can cut your time in half and leave you with more time to focus on your customers.
Typical cost: $45 to $70 per month less any savings from dropping your dial-up service and extra phone line.

4. Protect your PC. Make sure your Anti-virus software is up-to-date. Make sure every cable plugged into your PC has power protection on it.
Typical cost to fix a virus attack: $180 per attack
Cost for anti-virus software: $50 per year
Typical cost to fix a lightning damaged PC: $80 to $450
Cost for lightning grade surge protector: $30 to $45

5. Protect your data. Within six months, your data is probably more valuable than your equipment. Back it up.
Permanently losing your data: ??
Typical cost for a backup system: $120 to $300

6. Network your office. If you have resources that can be shared or need to improve communications within your office, a network can make a dramatic improvement in your office productivity. By allowing data sharing, printer sharing, and Internet sharing, you can conserve costs while providing better access to under-utilized resources. Imagine your office without a fax machine. Within a month, youíll feel the same way about your local area network (LAN).
Typical cost: $150 per computer for a peer-to-peer LAN



April 25, 2002. Choosing a Backup System



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